Am I Too Old for an Internship?


Six years after graduating from college, I decided to do a writing internship. I was working full-time in another field and wanted to build my writing portfolio. My internship ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made! Thank God. Not only did it help me gain experience and build my portfolio but it also helped me learn to adhere to deadlines.

Doing an internship is less about age and more about what you would like to gain and contribute! Take some time and explore your options! Here are 5 things to consider before doing an internship:

  1. What is my purpose for doing an internship?
  2. What kind of internship would I like to do?
  3. What can I add and learn from the internship?
  4. Do I want a paid or non-paid internship? Does the internship offer college credit?
  5. Is there a possibility that I could be offered a job opportunity right after the internship or in the future?

Real Expectations

Bring any questions you have about your internship to your interview. Be sure you know the company’s expectations of your role before you start.

Happy Interning!