Gig Economy Jobs : Will Freelancing Work For Me?


With the creation of companies like Uber and Instacart, it’s becoming easier for people to become their own bosses by getting gig economy jobs. I know because I am a freelance writer. While being a freelance writer has its benefits, there are some downsides.

In 2015, I found a job post on Craigslist for a freelance writing position working from home. As part of the application process, I had to complete a writing sample and answer questions (from what I remember).

Four weeks later, I received an email invitation to join the company as an independent contractor, and I couldn’t believe it! Before signing the contract, I went online and read the reviews of the company to make sure they were legit. Myself and a family member read over the contract and highlighted extremely important areas like pay rate, dates, and obligations.



To this day, I still work with the company. I’ve also worked for several other companies. The one thing I can say from my experience is that being a part of the gig economy is a hustle. I’ve spoken to about 5 Uber drivers who say they work long hours to make a living from driving

If you get with a company or content mill that has consistent work, it can make it easier. Generally, as a freelancer (graphic designer, writer, media specialist etc.) you have to find more work once your projects have ended. If you are like me and you like having a steady income, then you might want to try getting a full time or part-time job in addition to the freelancing. I work a full time job in addition to freelance writing. I would suggest researching the gig you want along with the pay before making the decision to pursue it. 

Freelancing also means that you are considered an independent contractor, and you work for yourself. The company you work for will send you a 1099 tax form at the end of the year with a summary of your earnings. You will need the form to file your taxes. Being an independent contractor also means that you will not receive benefits like health, vision, dental, 401K, or a pension.



The things above are things are good to take into consideration before deciding to become a freelancer. Below is a list of websites I recommend for finding gigs and jobs. – Disclaimer: Please use caution when applying to jobs on this site. If the job title is in all caps and/or includes a bunch of exclamation points, it is more than likely illegitimate. If the job posting sounds too good to be true, I would say skip it.



Do you have a gig economy job? How was your experience?