Stressing Before Your Job Interview: Should I Wear My Natural Hair?

Hey, my working naturals!

It’s the morning of your job interview, and you are wondering if you should wear your natural hair. “Well, maybe I won’t get the job if I wear my natural hair,” you think to yourself. “I should just go ahead and straighten it.”Stop right there! You don’t have to straighten your natural hair for your job interview. I’ve discussed this topic on 1BlessedNatural Mag in an article titled Wearing Your Natural Hair in the Workplace and to Job Interviews 

There are natural hair and textured styles you can put your hair in to ensure your interviewer is paying attention to you and your skills. I’ve discussed some of them in the article above, but I wanted to document the fears of many naturals on the day of the interview.

When I was going on job interviews, I would put my hair in tuck and roll hairstyles using Marley hair and gel. By doing this, I didn’t have to run the risk of heat damage. I mean you have to think about this: No other race has to think about altering their natural hair texture in order to get a job.

Deep, right? In the beginning, I was thinking like,”Who has time to mess up their curl pattern and have to start over or get close to starting over growing their natural hair out again.” Not me!